New projects
New residential developments

True project marketing experience.

Selling a new project can be a complex undertaking and having an experienced project marketing team behind your development is essential to its success.

Often developers will require off-plan sales, usually as a condition of financing. Achieving off-plan sales is a very different process to selling an established property, especially in a tough market where buyers might not easily recognise the benefits of buying off-plan.

We have a wealth of project marketing experience and a number of successful projects under our belt.

Our experience includes:

  • Plan development
  • Sales marketing strategies
  • Cross media advertising
  • Financier consultation
  • Off-plan sales techniques
  • Sales team management
  • Developer’s contracts
  • Contract completion

Builders & developers also appreciate our unique ability to use their branding on all marketing and sales material, meaning any money spent on advertising is 100% promoting their brand & project not a particular agent or office.

If you’re looking for a project marketing team with true project marketing experience and a number of successfully completed projects please contact us we’d love to hear from you.